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"We Are Feminist: An Infographic History of the Women's Rights Movement" is an accessible and fully-illustrated book that narrates the evolution of the women's rights movement over the past 150 years. Presented in a fantastic gift format, it serves as the perfect introduction to modern feminism for those eager to delve into the history of the women's rights movement.

The book explores the significant strides women have made, celebrating both collective and individual achievements. Organized into feminist waves, it unfolds a visual narrative through graphically represented statistics, key dates and events, quotes, and facts about rights campaigns and the women who inspired them. Designed for easy perusal and certain to instill empowerment in the next generation of feminists.

Language: English

Publication Date: 2019

Publisher: Modern Books

Cover Type: Hardcover

Number of Pages: 128

Dimensions: Length: 16 cm | Height: 18.5 cm

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