Where does ALISIA ENCO come from? The first step: a calling for entrepreneurship

When you are a 'tomboy' – as in the American movies – and when you remember your way in life, the moments of delight, enthusiasm, professional orientation and personal pleasures tend to take another shape. I do believe that stereotypes have their own meaning, so they wouldn’t exist – there is no smoke without fire...

So, it is only natural for a child and then, for a woman whose dominant personality features no do pertain to any of the traditional models of the ‚fair sex’, that every step towards the full maturity be in absolute harmony with her profile, starting with the way in which I was thinking to the way I used to dress and make the choices that were about to polish my way until this very moment.

That is why, by reason of my desire for independence, I started building my first business when I was 23 – to be more precise, in 2005 there was a masculine type of business: a business which was far from allowing me to use my femininity in order to achieve success; it was a business in which I settled down and fought with strong and determined men with whom I shared both the passion for business and cars. This is how a successful rent-a-car business was born and developed; it was developed with loose clothes and jeans, with tough discussions, perpetual decisions, with no 'ointments' or accessories, but with joy and optimism at the same time. I look back and realize that it was an absolutely necessary stage for my personal development: most of the times, the beginning is  full of enthusiasm that splits the black and white reality, and the level of determination, a moderate sense of discernment, morality and common sense are the elements that do make the difference, in the abscence of experience and refinement it brings altogether.

In another train of thoughts, I do not remember to have existed at least a day in which I have wished to take another path – to set off next to someone else other than myself. I strongly appreciate people in general and especially expert business women or those who are about to extra-specialize in their domain  or women who have joined some businesses which they continuously improve. I don’t pertain to this typology, because Freedom is much too dear to me, but I do realize that in each of us it is necessary in the economy of our days. What is truly important for all of us is that we have found a way in which we can grow freely in a society which is still patriarchal, that we have all the resources to be both feminine and masculine altogether, and our main challenge in this very moment is not related to not being successful, but to reconcile success with what our femininity stands for.

And this is how Women in Business appeared, a story about how the „tomboy” grew up till the moment in which she wanted not only to create, but also to bring her input, speculating a negative context in which the entire throwaway society has found itself, turning the negative aspects into an opportunity for the business environment for women. But, due to the fact that we all know that a woman cannot reveal all her secrets from the first time, I will tell you more about Women in Business at our next meeting. Meanwhile, if you didn’t subscribe to our ALISIA ENCO newsletter, please join us and leave us your e-mail address. 

Alice Botnarenco