Victorita Dumitrascu, the #positive woman


I wanted to see around me a lot of creative women who are not afraid to express their personality through their outfits and thus I chose 5 ladies who wear the ALISIA ENCO brand and who identify themselves with the attributes of the ALISIA ENCO woman, attributes I have presented in a detailed manner in the article ”Who is the ALISIA ENCO woman? It’s me. It’s you” to inspire you to think freely and make even bolder fashion choices!

I invite you to „discover the ALISIA ENCO woman” in a series of interviews with the 5 ladies who chose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand, to inspire us through their professional stories and through their creative fashion choices!

In the fifth ”Discover the ALISIA ENCO woman!” interview we will meet Victorita Dumitrascu, Building engineer specialized in urbanism and land management.

Victorita is wearing the ALISIA ENCO pink shirt with silver stripes from the Creative Business collection. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/Creative-Pink-Shirt

Victorita Dumitrascu is the #positive woman!

What are the main differences you have noticed between public and private institutions with respect to women’s attire?

Victorita Dumitrascu: I do not think the private or public sector differentiates women. A woman can be stylish and elegant wherever she works and no matter the budget she invests in her wardrobe. The differences are seen in other ways and each of us can develop her aesthetic sense and know what suits us better, what makes us shine and what differentiates us.

What does a creative outfit mean to you and how do you use creativity to create your business attires?

Victorita Dumitrascu: It means to transform an outfit through the accessories I choose so as to become something completely new. It’s almost impossible to dress differently in any field you work, but I reckon that combining different items of clothing with well-matched accessories means creativity and variation.

What does a brand need to have to appeal to you?

Victorita Dumitrascu: There are a few criteria I look for in all brands I prefer: quality fabrics, simple lines, easy to wear at the office, versatile, feminine, in pale, discreet colours. I love clothes which come with accessories, scarves, belts or broaches, because they can give you new ideas, you can wear them differently, you yourself can make small alterations even without advanced stylistic knowledge.

Tell us the story of an item of clothing in your wardrobe which had a major influence on your life and career!

Victorita Dumitrascu: I cannot say that an item of clothing influenced my life in a major way. Moreover, I think that I influence items of clothing and make them stand out in the way I wear them. The same item can look completely different depending on the person who wears it. Personality and attitude counts. However, I agree that an item of clothing matched correctly can stand out and influence interactions with others significantly. We have to find that balance between our personal presence and the support our clothes and quality accessories offer.

Why did you choose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand?

Victorita Dumitrascu: The ALISIA ENCO brand represents for me the ideal combination of elegance and quality. Office work can be uncomfortable and it is important to feel good in the clothes I wear, not to be hampered in any way, to look good at the end of my day too, to be chic, to make me like myself and to express these things to the people around me.

What does the type of shirt you chose express?

Victorita Dumitrascu: I chose that type of shirt because it expresses at the same time three very important things for me: comfort, elegance and charm. It appealed to me through its versatility, through the fact that it can be very serious if it is worn like a man does, but also extremely attractive if accessorized right. You can wear it open, with the collar lifted or turned down, with a big necklace or a fine chain or even with an ALISIA ENCO scarf for a fresh and young touch.

How can the attire help you in the professional environment? Have you noticed different results depending on the outfits worn?

Victorita Dumitrascu: The way in which we dress surely has a great impact on the professional environment from many points of view: it can subtly convey things about you, professionalism or lack thereof, it can influence your entire mood or can give you that necessary boost and self-assurance to bring your plans to fruition. When you look and feel good, it’s much easier to concentrate on important things and this state also affects those around you. It’s an important advantage and I think it’s such a shame not to use it in our benefit.

This was the last of the „Discover the ALISIA ENCO!” interviews, a series of interviews through which I set out to bring you closer to the ALISIA ENCO creative universe, to present women in whom I found the qualities and values on which I built this brand and inspire you to make bold choices, in business or in fashion.

I invite you to let yourself be inspired by ALISIA ENCO and to dare to be creative every day!

Alice Botnarenco