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Louloudi shirts collection was inspired by the beauty and warmth of Greece and by our desire to continue to transform the classic business wardrobe into a subtle and elegant one. We offer four models of romantic feminine shirts and kaftans, made in vibrant colors and embroidered with Greek motifs inspired by nature.

Athena, Eleni, Olympia and Meander shirts, have a unique design, different from other shirts ALISIA ENCO. These are comfortable shirts, which go with both trousers and skirts. They are made of high quality cotton and linen in a pure white, gentle pink and serene blue, enriched with patterns like olive branch, flowers, sweet sunset and the Greek key.

We invite you to enjoy the sun, the sea and marvellous sights of Greece with our collection of shirts Louloudi, a collection that speaks about beauty, sophistication, elegance and femininity!

The MYKONOS caftan dress is made of 45% and 55% cotton in high quality and embroidered with Greek motifs on the sleeves.

Useful information:

  • The dress is made in Romania
  • High quality fabric
  • Embroidered on sleeves with Greek motifs
  • It has ruffles on the sleeves