White shirt embroidered GRANDEUR

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Grandeur shirt collection is about the elegance of the traditional symbols embroidered on the collar and cuffs: gold thread on the finest of fabrics for a gorgeously elegant look. The Romanian traditional motifs enriching this collection provide a splendid paradox: its details are subtle but somehow they never get unnoticed.

Enjoy the Grandeur Collection as it instills creative traditional motifs into the sobriety of a business shirt for an outstanding appearance speaking of excellence and creativity.

Grandeur shirts collection are made of 100% cotton of exceptional Italian quality. Cotton is the most appropriate fabric from which shirts can be made, satisfying all the necessary conditions for the quality: it is a dense, smooth and non-elastic cloth, but soft, natural and comfortable at the same time. It is one of the most durable fabrics, which nevertheless allows the air to pass through its canvas, leaving the skin permanently breathe. Cotton does not provoke any kind of allergies and it is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.

Useful informations:

  • The shirt is made in Romania
  • The fabric is 100% italian cotton
  • Romanian embroidery
  • The shirt don't shrink
  • Slim cut