Shirt premium packaging

The ALISIA ENCO shirts are sent to you in premium cardboard boxes, inscribed with the ALISIA ENCO logo and created with the same attention to details as all our other products.

Because we wish the moment you open the box to be a remarkable one, inside you will discover the shirt is enveloped in a fine, white paper, carefully wrapped with a red ribbon, together with the Manifesto for creativity in business of our brand’s founder, Alice Botnarenco.

We’ve done this so you can enjoy the quality of the ALISIA ENCO products from the first moment the package reaches you!


Especially for the collections of scarves, shawls, collars and ties, we’ve created a different kind of package, a cardboard envelope in a smaller size, but at the same quality and with a chic design, also marked with the ALISIA ENCO logo!

For the moments when you need to carry with you our products or when you wish to make a special gift to a dear woman, we’ve created the cardboard bag, marqued with our logo and with our slogan, For creative women in business. That way you will be able to carry easily your ALISIA ENCO shirt or you can make an elegant gift.