How do I order online?

1. How do I buy products on www.alisiaenco.com?

ALISIA ENCO sells its products online through www.epayment.ro, an online payment service. Thus we can offer our clients a safe and efficient service of online order and payment.

You can buy our products online by following 3 steps:

a. Select the product you want to purchase and click the „Buy now!” link

b. Introduce your personal data.

This information is necessary for the correct and efficient processing of the order placed by you. The personal data are introduced using an encrypted SSL connection on 128 bites. For further information go to „How safe is to pay online?”. The personal information is not transferred to other third parties, neither to www.alisiaenco.com nor to ePayment. Complete the form correctly and specify the persons who will do the invoicing and delivery. The e-mail address is highly important for the information related to the order and ordered products will be sent via e-mail. An incorrect e-mail address slows the whole product ordering process. Furthermore, www.alisiaenco.com and ePayment will not be able to contact you and inform you on your order’s status.

If the delivery address is not the same as the one for invoicing, specify this by selecting the menu at the end of the form. Choose the desired payment method and confirm the data by choosing „Next step”.

c. Introduce the data concerning the credit/debit card:

If you choose the „Credit/debit card” method, you should fill in the form with the information regarding your card. For payments with Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards (Visa/Visa Electron and Mastercard/Maestro) the „3-D Secure” system is used, which has been designed by these organizations and ensures the same level of safety for online transactions as for ATM or direct purchases from the shop. First of all, „3-D Secure” makes sure that no information related to your card is transferred or stored at any given time on our servers or the ePayment servers, these data being introduced in the Visa and MasterCard systems. Furthermore, „3-D Secure” is an authentication system of the card holder’s identity in an electronic medium. The authentication process of the card holder is done through a security code known only by the holder and it takes place only on Visa or MasterCard servers, depending on the case.

The „3-D Secure” allows you to make online shopping with any Visa or MasterCard, including Maestro and Visa Electron. The virtual cards released by these organizations are also accepted. If the card transaction was successful, the next screen will say thank you for the order on our site and offers you the relevant information for the order. The information you will also receive via email.

2. Security Policy

How safe is it for me to pay online?

The products on this website are merchandised online through the online payment services offered by ePayment. The risks associated with an online payment are:

• The personal data introduced by you to complete the order may be used by a third party or abusively – www.alisiaenco.com and ePayment guarantee the security of its informatics systems. Read „ePayment Privacy Policy” and www.alisiaenco.com Privacy Policy for more information on this subject.

• In case of payments by card – the card number, expiration date etc. might be used by third parties or abusively. In the case of the „3-D Secure” system used by ePayment for the payment with Visa or MasterCard, no information related to your card is transferred or stored at anytime on our servers or ePayment’s servers, these being directly introduced in the Visa or MasterCard systems. Furthermore, in case your card was issued by a „3-D Secure” certified bank, the authorization of the transaction will be done only after you sign in to the system – introduction of a code/secret password known only by you, similar to the PIN code for ATM transactions. Read „Verified by Visa” and „SecureCode” for complete details related to the „3-D Secure”.