Cristina Micosovici, the #active woman


I wanted to see around me a lot of creative women who are not afraid to express their personality through their outfits and thus I chose 5 ladies who wear the ALISIA ENCO brand and who identify themselves with the attributes of the ALISIA ENCO woman, attributes I have presented in a detailed manner in the article ”Who is the ALISIA ENCO woman? It’s me. It’s you” to inspire you to think freely and make even bolder fashion choices!

I invite you to „discover the ALISIA ENCO woman” in a series of interviews with the 5 ladies who chose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand, to inspire us through their professional stories and through their creative fashion choices which I will present here weekly!

In the second ”Discover the ALISIA ENCO woman!” interview we will meet Cristina Micosovici, Executive Manager of Level Tour tourism agency, where she is responsible for the good collaboration with the internal and external partners, for the closing of new partnerships and the preservation of a professional and optimistic attitude within the team.

Cristina is wearing the ALISIA ENCO Signature shirt. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/AE_Signature

Cristina Micosovici is the #active woman!

What essential qualities does a business outfit need to have when you travel a lot?

Cristina Micosovici: It has to be comfortable to offer you the necessary ease for an extended period of time, but at the same time to go out of the classic business pattern through the cut, colour or, why not, through a unique accessory. It’s a bit more difficult to make the right choices because there are much more things to take into consideration when you are on the road, from lack of space and time, climatic and cultural differences, so we are tented to make the simplest and safest changes to the detriment of our personal style.

In what countries do you think women stand out through their outfits?

Cristina Micosovici: Cultural differences make an impact here too and what is important for us it does not matter for us at all. If I refer to the western concept of business style, I would say the United States – both the classic business style and the nonconformist one merge and complete each other in a great way. 

What does creative attire mean to you and how do you use creativity to create your business outfits?

Cristina Micosovici: A creative outfit is in my own view that outfit which gives you confidence and wellness and at the same time makes everybody curious to find out what you represent and in consequence they address you kindly and respectfully. If you choose either a simple outfit which helps you make a difference or you’d rather focus on your strong points through accessories, the result is basically the same, an original, confident presence which oozes personality and good taste.

What are the elements a brand needs to have to appeal to you?

Cristina Micosovici: To have an identity, to say or inspire you dream a... wonderful tale!

Tell us the story of an item of clothing in your wardrobe which had a major influence on your life or career!

Cristina Micosovici: A lilac shirt. I went to an interview and in the second phase I was told: „Ah, yes, I remember you, you had a lilac shirt and that beautiful smile”. Then the atmosphere was friendlier and I was hired.

Why did you choose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand?

Cristina Micosovici: It’s different! And sometimes you have to draw attention, to convey faith to those around you, to show what you can do just by simply being there. The fact that an item of clothing can inspire so many things is the most conclusive proof that it is important to also take this into consideration when it comes to our professional development.

What does the type of shirt you chose express?

Cristina Micosovici: The pattern I chose expresses femininity, seriousness and purity. You cannot fail with such a combo.

How can an outfit help you in the professional environment? What difference is there with respect to the country or the region in which you travel?

Cristina Micosovici: The way you dress is your business card all around the world. It’s the first impression when you go into a meeting and the last when you stand up to go. The way you dress is the image of what defines you as a business person.

I would say there are differences with respect to how a business person is regarded, the perception of what is professional and how one conveys that.

This was the fourth „Discover the ALISIA ENCO!” interview, a series of interviews through which I set out to bring you closer to the ALISIA ENCO creative universe, to present women in whom I found the qualities and values on which I built this brand and inspire you to make bold choices, in business or in fashion.

Follow us to know the other ALISIA ENCO women and dare to be creative every day!

Alice Botnarenco