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The T-shirts with ALISIA ENCO front embroidery are available in two colours, black and white. They are made of linen, V neck and a large comfortable cut.

Taking into account the fabric they are made of, the T-shirts are ideal for the hot summer days. They are designed to give you a smart comfortable outfit,  of good quality.

They are remarkable items of clothing, a must have of the summer!

The ALISIA ENCO T-SHIRTS are made of 90% linen and 10% polyamide.

Linen has a natural feel, it is suitable for persons with sensitive skin and it is very cool and comfortable, being a fabric that you can wear well during the summer, as it lets the skin breathe and has a pleasant and soft texture. Linen is one of the most resistant fabrics and can be washed time and time again, without losing its shape; it does not wear out quickly and it is easy to maintain.

Polyamide adds elasticity and strength to the fabric and, same as linen, helps with the faster evaporation of moisture, so that we can remain cool in the summer.