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ALISIA ENCO’s collection of embroidered knitwear is a continuation of Romanian traditional patterns launched along with the Traditional shirts collection. They are made of 100% merino wool extra fine, are embroidered with Romanian traditional symbols, clinging at the back with buttons, available in V neck.

For a very refined outfit, the knitwears can go with ALISIA ENCO’s shirts. We want to bring a fresh style in the classical business clothing, in a subtle elegant way along with traditional Romanian patterns which enrich this new collection of sweaters.

We joined two worlds in order to enjoy the seriousness of a business sweater with the grace of an embroidery inspired from the Romanian popular artcraft, it’s a refined detail which make the difference and brings the novelty.

The ALISIA ENCO knitwears collection with traditional romanian motifs embroidered is made of 100% merino wool extra fine.

The merino wool, one of the finest, softest and most comfortable types of wool, is a high quality natural material that retains warmth excellently, while allowing the skin to breathe. It doesn't trigger allergies and it’s one of the best thermal insulating materials, as it helps keeping an optimal body temperature.