Shirt dress MATISSE

sku: CFB6A6

The MATISSE shirt dress will be available in a limited edition soon!

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The story of the shirt dress starts from the key element of the ALISIA ENCO brand, the iconic white shirt. A sober shirt, impeccably worked, with attention to detail and made of a natural material. This little black dress of business outfits, which manages to reinvent itself incessantly decade after decade, without losing its charm and the attraction it exerts on us.

This is how we built a versatile piece so that you can wear it as you feel the best. An elegant, sophisticated piece, made with love in Romania, which can be worn at any time in different ways.

An ALISIA ENCO style dress could not be missing from your wardrobe, a piece that stands out through its chic cut and embroidered with traditional Romanian motifs on the chest.

In the limited edition, the MATISSE shirt dress is made of 100% natural cotton made in Romania and embroidered on the collar and on the ruffles with the Matisse motif.

Useful information:

  • The shirt dress is made in Romania
  • The fabric is natural cotton
  • Embroidered with Matisse motif
  • Hidden buttons
  • He had rolled up his sleeves
  • Long cut
  • The model in the picture is 38