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Blazers and suit jackets have always been a staple piece of any business wardrobe, but now is the season to change and experiment. A non-conforming ALISIA ENCO cardigan with eye-catching waves and from a soft fabric will match your business outfits as well as your casual ones.

Mixing different shapes, cuts and ways to wear it, this will be more than a cardigan, it will be an accessory and a source of inspiration, a chance to experiment with your look and an opportunity to express your style differently.

The ALISIA ENCO cardigan was created to provoke you to step up from your go-to classic pieces and open a whole new palette of stylish looks. Its charm and personality is based on a series of details that makes it stand out easily: the distinctive wavy fabric, open at the front and with small openings straight on the back, a detail that will give you the possibility to show your shirt as well. The cardigan is available in different colors and it's made from a smooth, knitted fabric, perfect for cold and warm weather alike.

The ALISIA ENCO cardigan is made of 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic.

The merino wool, one of the finest, softest and most comfortable types of wool, is a high quality natural material that retains warmth excellently, while allowing the skin to breathe. It doesn't trigger allergies, it keeps its shape even after being stretched and it’s one of the best thermal insulating material, as it helps keeping an optimal body temperature.

Acrylic is a synthetic material that resembles wool, extremely light and strong, it doesn’t wrinkle easily and it can help maintain warmth. It’s also very fine and it has the advantage that it can be easily washed without damaging the material and the colors.