ALISIA ENCO is a signature clothing brand, the dream of any businesswoman yearning to make a statement through her attire. It started with a reinvented white shirt and it now features a complete collection of business apparel, including creative pieces for day-to-day business outfits in collaboration with designers from all over the world. ALISIA ENCO woman is an amazing mix of contraries: delicate and powerful, assertive and empathetic, picky on quality and generous in creativity, being herself and enjoying herself all the way.



Fashion Drug Accessories is a premium and luxury class Armenian brand of stylish and fashionable handmade accessories and clothing for women and kids.

The unique line of accessories and clothing represented in the collection is a combination of modern fashion trends and technological solutions. FD brooches are good fit for any style and occasion, as well as safe for any type of clothing material as they are fixed to the clothing with a new patented technology with the help of magnets.

The designer of the brand is Anahit Ghazaryan, an art critic and fashion expert whose imagination and creativity is endless. As a result, new models are designed and developed periodically covering all possible fields of interest.


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