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6 Oct

Exciting news for the ALISIA ENCO community! Introducing Buy Now, Pay Later!

Hey, smart and beautiful ladies! We’re thrilled to make your shopping experience even more flexible and enjoyable! Starting today, we’re excited to introduce “Buy Now, Pay Later” on the ALISIA ENCO website.


💳 How It Works:

Now, you can shop for your favorite ALISIA ENCO products and choose the “Buy Now, Pay Later” option at checkout. You’ll be redirected to TBI Bank, where the magic happens. Take control of your payments by choosing the amount you want to pay monthly and the number of rates that suit your budget. Have questions or need assistance? Our dedicated team is always here to help! Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re just a message away.

It’s all about convenience and flexibility. Get your hands on our creative and empowering shirts, and pay for them at your own pace.


⭐ Why We Love It:

No upfront payment: Start building your ALISIA ENCO collection without the pressure of immediate payment.

Easy budgeting: Make purchases on your terms, with payment plans that fit your lifestyle.

More creativity, less stress: Enjoy your new shirts, knowing you have the freedom to pay later.


👗 Shop Now, Pay Later:

Head to our website at www.alisiaenco.ro , explore our empowering collection, and experience the convenience of “Buy Now, Pay Later” for yourself. Your style, your terms!


We’re committed to making your ALISIA ENCO journey even more enjoyable, so go ahead and shop your heart out. Your creativity deserves it!


Stay stylish, stay empowered!





Creative alternatives for business outfits with a specific focus on shirts, under the business with a twist philosophy. www.alisiaenco.com

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