Who is the ALISIA ENCO woman? I am. You are.

From the idea to the plan to its development, I have had the opportunity to present to you in the previous stories a part of my career path and the motivation behind creating this business. Now, after almost a year since the launch of the ALISIA ENCO brand, a period of time during which I have varied the products, I received your feedback and had the chance to know you, I decided to bring you closer to the ALISIA ENCO world and show you how you can communicate with the help of clothes you choose and what your outfits convey, values with which I hope you identify yourselves too!


First of all, ALISIA ENCO is me. I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, I believed in my own strength but also in those around me, I don’t believe in “it can’t be done” and I place professionalism and respect before anything else when I deal with people. I have always considered myself a strong and ambitious woman who sets out to do something and succeeds.

It all started long before the ALISIA ENCO brand existed, the proof being the name which I created many years ago, when I enjoyed relaxing after a busy day or week by painting. I wanted a short and memorable name, like a conclusion to my name, Alice Botnarenco, to use as a signature for my paintings. Later it resurfaced in my mind when I was already preparing the new business and I was in the brainstorming phase for a name which would pave the way to success. An easy to remember and resonant name. A name which I could see in a future window shop of my brand. After a few attempts, I realised I had already had it in mind, waiting for it to give meaning to my business. 

When I created ALISIA ENCO, I embedded my principles and values in this brand and summarized them in the Manifesto for Creativity in Business and, furthermore, I gave them a real, breathing form in the ALISIA ENCO woman.

ALISIA ENCO is the woman who goes her own way without straying, who loves people and does not forget to smile every day. She is the woman who knows what she wants and for whom nothing is impossible. She is an active woman who travels and for whom every experience comes with new things from which she can learn something. ALISIA ENCO is the authentic, positive woman who inspires and likes to live a balanced life. She is creative and can turn any day into a simple special one. And, furthermore, she chooses to do things not because she has to, but because she wants to.

It can be one or all of these things, but she is defined by the fact that she knows how to make her traits shine on the outside too. She uses her attires like a second business card which help her stand out and assert herself in any situation.

“Who is ALISIA ENCO?”. ALISIA ENCO is you, women. I am sure you have already found a piece of yourself in the traits above, as I have seen in the business women around me – who I set out to introduce to you.

As I said in the beginning, I set out to bring you closer to what I have created through ALISIA ENCO, and now I challenge you discover the world and the ALISIA ENCO woman! Five ladies, who chose to wear the ALISIA ENCO logo, will be present here to inspire you through their professional stories and creative outfit choices. They are charismatic, self-controlled women who are not afraid to express their personality through their attires and chosen accessories. They are different, strong and manage to successfully mix professionalism and elegance. They are ALISIA ENCO women!

You will soon read their interviews here and I want each presentation of the ALISIA ENCO woman to inspire you to face challenges in your lives with the right attitude, with an ALISIA ENCO determination and inspiration!


Alice Botnarenco