White shirt

Many would agree that a white women's shirt, which should not be missing from a business woman's wardrobe, is considered a popular choice. This basic garment is relevant to the business environment. It is also quite easy to match with a skirt or pants. Keep in mind that it is best not to wear a sleeveless model if you are not wearing a jacket. You can easily opt for a white business shirt from the Traditional collection, for a bold, refined and inspiring choice. For active and modern women, we created the white shirts from the Urbaen collection. These garments have a special femininity, a style that never goes out of style. The same collection also includes women's shirts with cufflinks, a great option for women who love creativity - choosing the perfect buttons for every moment. Discover the entire collection of white women's shirts made of high quality materials, absolutely unique, irresistible and that bring an air of optimism and redefinition in your wardrobe.