Use and maintenance

The texture, maintenance instructions, as well as the pictures related to the cleaning directions for your product are to be found on its interior label. These are specific to each of your products, so it is mandatory to check these instructions.

Whenever it is necessary, the clothes are to be washed or cleaned according to the instructions you will find on the interior label. Only detergents that will respect the quality norms imposed by the international legislation regarding their safety are to be used. Do not use industrial cleaning products for your clothes (such as soda or other chemical secondary items). You may not wash the clothes at higher temperatures than it is specified on the interior label. Do not dry your product by exposing it to heating sources (such as heaters or gas cookers etc).

Drying will be done at room temperature. Keep your product away from objects that could cause scratches, burns, clipping or any other type of physical action which might damage it. In case you resort to professional cleaning services for your product, ALISIA ENCO will not be made responsible for any type of flaw that could appear due to the cleaning/washing process.