Our love for embroidery

From the earliest days of civilization, people have been fascinated by intricate patterns and designs meant to beautify their homes, clothes, and lives. This love for the delicate and – oftentimes – extremely time-consuming art has been passed on through generations, cultures, continents.


Why it inspires us so?

Because it’s deeply rooted in our traditions and it offers us a nostalgic sense of belonging. When we see them we think of our parents, grandparents, of beautiful moments from our childhood, of our rich popular culture. The fine fabrics and techniques fascinates our minds and delights our senses, it brings us closer to a time when talent and patience were the ingredients necessary to create something truly beautiful.


So, how we can revive all these feelings in our busy, modern lives? It’s simple, really! As simple and straightforward as a subtle detail on your day to day business outfits: a delicate embroidery on the collar, on the cuff of your shirt, or maybe something bolder, pieces completely covered in graceful, traditional symbols.


Our love for the subtle elegance and authenticity of the traditional motifs stands at the core of the Traditionale shirt collection and will most likely further inspire us in the pursuit of creative and nonconforming business attires! Each ALISIA ENCO piece is embroidered with care, so you can enjoy an authentic, high-quality outfit that will bring you joy and will improve your day.


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