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The Urbaen collection welcomes the active and modern woman, it is a refreshing urban collection, with a creative twist and includes essential pieces for a casual outfit. The shirts from this collection are irresistible pieces by making puffy sleeves that give them a special femininity, with a Romanian simplicity touch through the bold embroidery on the cuffs and having a style that never goes out of style. The collection also includes shirts with cufflinks for buttons, so you can put your creativity into practice by choosing the right buttons. The shirts from the Urbaen collection are available in distinct models, made of 100% high quality poplin and enriched with embroidery inspired by traditional Romanian motifs.

Urbaen is about optimism, redefinition, moments of respite between episodes of tension, it is about the courage to discover yourself differently!

  • The shirt is made in Romania
  • The fabric is 100% Italian cotton
  • Embroidered collar and cuffs
  • The shirt does not enter the water
  • Slim cut

The white shirt MATISSE is made of 100% cotton of exceptional quality. Cotton is the most appropriate fabric from which shirts can be made, satisfying all the necessary conditions for the quality: it is a dense, smooth and non-elastic cloth, but soft, natural and comfortable at the same time. It is one of the most durable fabrics, which nevertheless allows the air to pass through its canvas, leaving the skin permanently breathe. Cotton does not provoke any kind of allergies and it is suitable for all types of skin, including sensitive skin.