Knitwears FOR WOMAN

A sweater is a garment that should never be missing from your wardrobe. Especially now that we are towards the end of summer and we are turning our attention to what the beautiful autumn season offers us. The collection of embroidered sweaters is a continuation of the traditional Romanian motifs present in the collection of Traditional shirts. But why did I choose women's sweaters, made of merino wool? Because merino wool is one of the finest in the world. And the great advantage of the delicacy of the merino is that it can be worn directly on the skin, without giving the feeling of discomfort often encountered in wool sweaters. These women's sweaters are very practical, light and adapt very well to the anatomy of the body. Merino wool women's sweaters can also be worn with the shirts in our collection. The embroideries are subtle and so beautifully made that they make these sweaters a very refined outfit.