Girl brooch (red skirt)

sku: Hora100
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A manifesto of creativity dedicated to Romania.

The already famous Romanian motifs on the Traditionale shirts come now under the shape of beautifully crafted accessories.

A spectacular collection of statement pieces, inspired from the Romanian values around the Centenary anniversary: a combination of contraries - simplicity and innovation power, minimalist and creativity, delicacy and feminine power altogether.

The beauty of the collection resides in the contradictions it encapsulates: the delicate glow of the natural crystals is fluidly combined with the simplicity of the wood and natural ceramics: creativity and pragmatism, femininity and force, aspiration and reality check, all inspired from the fertile contradictions of Romania itself.

All accessories have been conceived and crafted in collaboration with a talented designer Anahit Ghazaryan, an already established Armenian fashion brand, a designer who understood well Romania through the lenses of traditional symbols.