Cristina Cornaci, the #confident woman


I wanted to see around me a lot of creative women who are not afraid to express their personality through their outfits and thus I chose 5 ladies who wear the ALISIA ENCO brand and who identify themselves with the attributes of the ALISIA ENCO woman, attributes I have presented in a detailed manner in the article ”Who is the ALISIA ENCO woman? It’s me. It’s you” to inspire you to think freely and make even bolder fashion choices!

I invite you to ”discover the ALISIA ENCO woman” in a series of interviews with the 5 ladies who chose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand, to inspire us through their professional stories and through their creative fashion choices which I will present here weekly!

In the second ”Discover the ALISIA ENCO woman!” interview we will meet Cristina Cornaci, the owner of Avestis International, a company which provides services for recovery of debts and possessions belonging to financial banking/non-banking institutions and to other economic entities, through legal and amiable means. Avestis International can become an indispensable partner for any legal entity interested in recovering its debts or goods, that is making up for the prejudices they may have suffered.

Since 2008 she has started to focus mainly on debt recovery, being attracted to the balance between the legal and financial knowledge, and in 2010 she founded Avestis International.

Cristina Cornaci is wearing ALISIA ENCO’s pink shirt with white collar and cuffs from the Classic with a Twist collection. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/Classic-with-a-Twist-pink

Cristina Cornaci is the #confident woman!

How important is the attire in the legal field? Is there a major difference with respect to other fields?

Cristina Cornaci: According to some studies, we are judged and critiqued by people whom we meet for the first time from the first seconds we meet. What can determine the well-known “first impression”? Gestures, general appearance and, the most obvious thing, clothing.

I reckon it is very important in our profession to offer to those we interact with a professional and serious image, to inspire trust. That does not mean a rigid, starched outfit which would make us look unimaginative.

Sometimes sobriety can make us seem rigid, incapable of thinking outside the box and thus unable to understand the one in front of us and empathize with him/her.But sobriety must be seen as useful and necessary in a field where justice is constantly weighed, for it is a defining element of the scales of justice.I do not like things which shock through their opulence, but the good taste and warm colours of an outfit can open communication channels.

What does a creative outfit mean to you and how do you use creativity to create business attires?

Cristina Cornaci: An original or creative touch is welcome, important even, to show what differentiates us. We are not an army of robots, we don’t look the same, dressed according to the latest trend decreed by who knows what magazine, with expensive clothes which accentuate our success, but individuals with personality, with the ability to judge what is adequate in the outfit worn, both from a social and an aesthetic point of view. A splash of colour, a special accessory (such as a tie or a pair of suspenders or even a pair of matching glasses) bring something extra to a classic attire, bring that personal touch which defines us, which makes us unique.

What are the elements a brand has to accomplish to appeal to you?

Cristina Cornaci: The brand is somehow related to leveling or an alignment to a certain trend, to a limited vision on fashion. I prefer attires that do not limit themselves and that do not limit me. When I buy, the essential idea is to feel good in the clothes I choose both from a qualitative and an aesthetic point of view. The clothes should be elegant and comfortable, to give me the sensation that they represent me, that they speak about me in those first seconds of human interaction. A brand appeals to me through diversity, quality and originality.

Tell us the story of an item of clothing from your wardrobe which had a major influence on your life or career!

Cristina Cornaci: Even though I consider you should pay attention to how you look (obviously, it’s not only about clothes, but the entire appearance) I did not have experiences when a certain item of clothing influenced my career or my life in a major way. But they surely influence my mood. On a gloomy day I will wear a colour to boost my energy, on a hot day I will choose a flowing dress, when I have a meeting I will choose a suit. The important thing is for that outfit to become a part of me and to offer the necessary comfort related to my schedule.

Why did you choose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand?

Cristina Cornaci: The ALISIA ENCO brand was a very pleasant and useful discovery. It’s pretty difficult to find good quality, elegant and original shirts – through color, small details that make all the difference. These are the elements I particularly appreciate with respect to this brand and the reason for which I have become a faithful customer.

ALISIA ENCO addresses the woman with an active personality, it offers a wide range of favourable options for a specific outfit meant for a strong personality.

What do the shirts and accessories chosen by you express?

Cristina Cornaci: As I was saying, the clothes I wear and the shirts I choose generally represent me. I feel they confer a rather tough elegance, a bit masculine for some (especially when I add a tie as an accessory), but refined and comfortable in my point of view.

A nice colour, a fabric which allows the relative easy blend with a jacket, a skirt or trousers, represent for me the fundamental traits of ALISIA ENCO shirts. Thanks to the multitude of structural elements of the fabric and the mix of colours, a lot of demands are dealt with, so I very rarely feel the need to accessorize my daily attire.

How can an outfit help you in your professional environment? Did you have different results depending on the clothes chosen?

Cristina Cornaci: Somebody’s attire, no matter the field he/she is active in, defines the personality and self-respect. It is something which should always be taken into consideration.

Knowing how to adapt the outfit related to your activity and schedule can lead to positive results for a business. Success is a combination of factors which pertain to professional ability and the way we know how to exploit it.

This was the second „Discover the ALISIA ENCO!” interview, a series of interviews through which I set out to bring you closer to the ALISIA ENCO creative universe, to present women in whom I found the qualities and values on which I built this brand and inspire you to make bold choices, in business or in fashion.

Follow us to know the other ALISIA ENCO women and dare to be creative every day!

Alice Botnarenco