Andra Tudor, the #authentic woman


I wanted to see around me a lot of creative women who are not afraid to express their personality through their outfits and thus I chose 5 ladies who wear the ALISIA ENCO brand and who identify themselves with the attributes of the ALISIA ENCO woman, attributes I have presented in a detailed manner in the article ”Who is the ALISIA ENCO woman? It’s me. It’s you” to inspire you to think freely and make even bolder fashion choices!

I invite you to ”discover the ALISIA ENCO woman” in a series of interviews with the 5 ladies who chose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand, to inspire us through their professional stories and through their creative fashion choices which I will present here weekly!

In the second ”Discover the ALISIA ENCO woman!” interview we will meet Andra Tudor, Senior Expert Sales & Marketing for Deutsche Telekom AG multinational, where she is responsible for shop design and client experience in Europe. Andra, who is a European economist, specialized in sales management and international marketing, chose to continue her career path in Germany two years ago.

Andra Tudor is wearing ALISIA ENCO’s brown shirt with cream collar and cuffs from the Creative Business collection. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/Creative-Brown-Shirt

Andra Tudor is the #authentic woman!

What does a creative outfit mean to you and how do you use creativity to create your business attires?

Andra Tudor: Although business attire sounds pretty masculine and gives the impression of a serious outfit worn by men, for me it’s one of my favorites because it is the basis for something that I can spice up with creativity. And the result is always pleasing for me. I know it’s not easy, and the accessories, be they cufflinks, belts, straps, handkerchiefs, shoes or a bag, must be very high quality, but with a little bit of inspiration I can bring my personal touch and achieve a creative outfit!

What are the elements a brand has to accomplish to appeal to you?

Andra Tudor: When I discover or choose a favorite brand I like a back-story which defines me. I have to identify with it, otherwise the value the products bring to that brand in my life decreases significantly. Then I follow the positioning on the market amongst the competition, its target and branding style – from the quality and design of products and services offered to the client, that is offering personalized solutions, all these things tell me that they are not only interested in selling some products or services, but to create a long-term relationship from which both parties have something to gain.

Tell us the story of an item of clothing from your wardrobe which had a major influence on your life or career!

Andra Tudor: It’s hard to choose just one of the outfits I own, because I have lots of pieces full of personality which made me stand out, but I will choose the dress from brown tulle, like Jackie Kennedy’s, which I got from a neighbor when I was teenager – very classic but with an impeccable cut. No matter the circumstance in which I wear it, I have a sophisticated, elegant, chic, but serious image.

Since your professional experience is both in Romania and Germany, tell us what difference you noted with respect to business attires in the two countries. Is the shirt a must-have in Germany?

Andra Tudor: In the two years since I’ve worked and lived in Germany, business attires did not appeal to me that much. It is not a country in which fashion and physical appearance counts very much but it depends on each of us to choose the approach which fits us from this point of view. As far as I’ve noticed, business women here prefer suits and blouses and I can’t say that the white shirt is a must-have for them.

Why did you choose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand?

Andra Tudor: As I mentioned above, the story behind the brand is very important and ALISIA ENCO appealed to me just through that. It’s a brand with a nice story behind it, which successfully manages to merge elegance, quality and a strong cut in business, focusing at the same time on creativity and uniqueness, things I wholeheartedly identify with.

What does the type of shirt you chose express?

Andra Tudor: The shirt I chose is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe, which successfully merges a sober, British style with feminine elements. This balance between masculine and feminine, sober and genial, is one of the pillars of the ALISIA ENCO brands is one of the reasons for which I chose to include it in my wardrobe.

How can clothes help you in your profession?

Andra Tudor: You may be familiar with the concept that we transmit non-verbally a lot more things than verbally. During a discussion, presentation, meeting, or just at the office, it is extremely important to convey trust, professionalism and a positive attitude. This is also valid for the outfits we choose so that our personality and determination are valued. Of course our clothes won’t do the job for us, but they have an important role and sometimes can decisively influence a contract.

This was the third „Discover the ALISIA ENCO!” interview, a series of interviews through which I set out to bring you closer to the ALISIA ENCO creative universe, to present women in whom I found the qualities and values on which I built this brand and inspire you to make bold choices, in business or in fashion.

Follow us to know the other ALISIA ENCO women and dare to be creative every day!

Alice Botnarenco