Discover the ALISIA ENCO woman

I presented in the last article how the ”ALISIA ENCO woman” was born, what her values and qualities are and how we built her from my own career path and from the principles I relied on in business!

I set out now to bring you even closer to the ALISIA ENCO world with the help of five special women who chose to wear the ALISIA ENCO brand and to answer a few questions about business, creativity and why they chose the ALISIA ENCO shirt as a central piece of their professional attire!

I invite you to get to know the five ”ALISIA ENCO women” who joined us this fall and find in their words the necessary inspiration to make bolder choices in business and clothing:

Mihaela Radulescu – the #empathetic woman

Mihaela Radulescu is Innerout owner, a personal branding and management reputation company, which mainly addresses small and medium entrepreneurships and helps them define and articulate their vision as a main factor in promotion.

With an experience of over 15 years in advertising and branding, mainly for corporations, Mihaela decided 3 years ago to start on her own together with Innerout.

“Creativity means reinterpreting an item of clothing or one entire outfit to create a personal statement to tell the world that a certain color represents you, that you like a certain motif or that today you felt like putting on this particular accessory.”

Cristina Cornaci – the #confident woman

Cristina is owner of Avestis International, a company which provides services for recovery of debts and possessions belonging to financial banking/non-banking institutions and to other economic entities, through legal and amiable means. Avestis International can become an indispensable partner for any legal entity interested in recovering its debts or goods, that is making up for the prejudices they may have suffered. The Avestis International's clients perceive our collaboration as a real partnership in developing their own business.”

“A splash of color, a more special accessory (such as a tie or suspenders or a pair of assorted glasses) bring something else to a classic outfit, that personal touch that defines us, that makes us unique.”

Andra Tudor – the #authentic woman

Andra is Senior Expert Sales & Marketing for Deutsche Telekom AG multinational, where is responsible for shop design and client experience in Europe. Andra, who is a European economist, specialized in sales management and international marketing, chose to continue her career path in Germany two years ago.

“Although business attire sounds pretty masculine and gives the impression of a sober outfit, worn by men, for me it is one of my favorite attires, because having it as a base I can spice it up with creativity.”

Cristina Micosovici – the #active woman

Cristina is Executive Manager of Level Tour tourism agency, where she is responsible for the good collaboration with the internal and external partners, for the closing of new partnerships and the preservation of a professional and optimistic attitude within the team.

“A creative attire is in my opinion an outfit that gives you confidence and a good feeling, but also makes others to be curious about you, makes them address you gently and respectfully.”

Victorita Dumitrascu – the #positive woman

Victorita is Specialty Inspector in the construction field. After graduating from political sciences, she continued as building engineer specialized in urbanism and land management.

“We must find a balance between our personal presence and the support that quality clothes and accessories offer us.”

I invite you to read all their interviews, which will be published weekly in the ”My Stories” section on the ALISIA ENCO website! I hope you will find yourselves in each of them and choose to also be the ”ALISIA ENCO woman” by boldly refusing bland outfits and by not adhering to the stereotypes we deal with constantly.

Be creative, dare to inspire and let yourselves be inspired!

Alice Botnarenco